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Are you ready to take the bold step in learning professional and vocational skills?  Then partner with ELA [educational Line Academy] to earn yourself a unique skill. As an ELA student, you will get many benefits when earning the skill online.

Our Philosophy

ELA [Educational Line Academy ] wants to help you achieve your desired goals in learning on line.

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Ikotun Lagos Nigeria

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ELA is the first and the best on line institution housing all field of study including vocational and professional courses/studies .We are strategically structured to bring out the best in you equipping you with the necessary knowledge and skills.


               OUR VISION                 

To make education easy and accessible to everyone.

To build a world community of learned people


                                                                     OUR MISSION

To give opportunity to everyone who desire to learn

To provide the best instructors that will make learning easy

To give quality and affordable education on line


Ensuring that people learn within short period of time

Ensure that people of different economic categories get education

Education at a go!

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